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EnlightenedApps.com is making Mobile Apps & Websites affordable and simple for both small & large businesses.

You will talk directly with our Graphics Design Team as they design & custom build your App Idea or Website for the iPhone, iPad, Android device, website, HTML5 , and Android app platform. Allowing any small or large business to have an expert Website and App presence online without any programming knowledge needed with our expert staff along the way.

There is zero coding knowledge required, just your idea, contact us today for your free quote on bringing your idea to life !

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World Cup: Road Racer

Feel the thrill of authentic racing action in World Cup: Road Racer today! The most vibrant, super-charged road racing game you've ever seen is available in Google Play now.

- Stunning 3D graphics.
- Smooth and realistic car and bike handling.
- Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses and SUVs.
- Basic customization through paint and wheels.
- Online Leaderboards and Achievements.
- Built using Unity Mobile 3D Engine.

Pc Remote

Android PC Remote is an application which allows you to remotely control your computer, laptop or TV over Wifi connection.

Get access to desktop computers, laptops or even TVs and use your favorite programs from a distance. You can control mouse, keyboard, capture the current screen or just simply close out the page you're working at (with functional keys and buttons). This is the best app to use when discussing or presenting PowerPoint at work or school. You can even use this in tricking family members at home!

Requirements to work with your PC and Android device:
- Java 1.6 in PC.
- Wifi connection between phone and PC.
- Android 1.5 and above.

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